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NEWS » CESELSAN Attended Mersin 6 th. International Food, Food Technology and Packaging Exhibition

CESELSAN Machinery Inc. Co. attended Mersin 6th. International Food, Food Technology and Packaging Exhibition, settled Yenişehir Exhibition Center between the dates 12-15 April 2012.

The economy of Mersin is multifocal, where trade, industry, agriculture, logistic, university and domestic tourism develop in company. Mersin has international and one of the biggest port of Turkey, also it has easy transportation with highway and speedy land transport facilities and it has developed “Free Zone” facilities, which includes 491 companies in its body. These features make Mersin gateway of initially one of the leading regional development project is “GAP (South-Eastern Anatolia Project)” and our neighbors such as Iraq, Syria, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Iran and all the Middle East area to the World, over the East Mediterranean. Mersin has all the transportation networks with land, air, sea and railway. And Mersin settled center of wide geographic from North Africa to Europe, from Russia to Middle Asian Republics by actively using of these trade roads. Possessed advantages strengthen export of the region and make Mersin much more attractive for foreign investors. Every year food production is increasing around % 20 percent in Mersin and investments to the food sector are increasing every year, as well. In the context of food potential of the region, foreign visitor and company numbers, who attending to Mersin Food, Food Technology and Packaging Exhibition, are increasing every year.
CESELSAN Company was participated to the Mersin exhibition, where is gateway to the developing markets, with 108 m2 booth considering all these features. CESELSAN offered Automatic CS-10000 KF Salting and Roasting Line, already sold to the NARPAK Citrus Packaging & Foreign Trade Inc., and newly developed Automatic Seasoning, Lubricating and Coating machine in its booth to the visitor. Beside to CS-1000 KF line, Seasoning System, completely projected and manufactured by R & D team of CESELSAN, attracted attention of all the visitors and collected too many order.

The exhibition was very productive for our company in terms of introducing our newly developed machines and having the opportunity to meet our domestic and foreign customers by face to face.

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