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NEWS » CESELSAN Attended The ALLPACK 2007 Exhibition

The chairman of the board mr. Mehmet Selim Kitapcı who attended the exhibition with marketing specialist mr. Inan Unsal Unat pointed that Romania is very importat for them in the developing east Eurpe.Romania is a very important market in the 100km radius which has mass market although attending european european and very huge sunflower seeds consumption are make Romania more important for them said mr. Mehmet Selim Kitapcı.Mr Mehmet Selim Kitapcı pointed that Ceselsan has manifactured the one of the bigest nut processing company S.C.DEMAL in Romania.Ceselsan is examining carefully the Romania also other neighbouring countries with Romania and not only Romania the other East European countries are very important for Ceselsan said mr. Mehmet Selim Kitapcı. Nonethelles mr. Mehmet Selim informed that dried nuts are gainig currency as a healthy food all around the world and Turkey is the motherland of dried nut consumption all the same very experienced and specialist Ceselsan can meet the machine needs at the orld.

Mr. Selim informed that this exhibitioan has passed very beneficial for Ceselsan and they will try to attend all exhibitions like this in this region. Marketing specialist mr. İnan Ünsal Unat said that executive comitee is minding the export and nowadays Ceselsan is exporting to many countries including european union.

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