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NEWS » CESELSAN Attended The EXPONUT 2006 Exhibition

Being only fair in his topic EXPONUT 2006, where hazelnut and products, dried fruits, nuts, products and technologies were exhibited, is arranged by ADG. Fair brought sectors' agents together in Istanbul World Trade Center in 22-23-24 June 2006.

Turkey is leader exporter of dried-nuts sector in the world. He is going on his leadership in the sector with this fair. So fair shows his importance.

Worldwide 5000 visitors joined the fair. An important reason of foreigner visitors' high number was TC Undersacretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade and Istanbul Exporter Unions organized Buying Committee consist of 22 countries.

Consist of USA, Republic of China, India, Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, Russian Federation, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Ireland and Hungary, 22 countries' foreign company representative were joined the EXPONUT 2006. Under TC Undersacretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade coordination, organization with Istanbul Exporter Unions brought Buying Committees and they realized bilateral meetings and stall visits during fair.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Güler joined the opening of the fair with Chairman of International Nuts Council Cüneyt Zapsu. They visited the CESELSAN Machine stall and met with Chairman of the CESELSAN Machine M. Selim Kitapçı. Mr. Güler said; before this type of machines were imported from abroad, but now with these machines produced in Turkey foreign currency exit was prevented. And he congratulated M. Selim Kitapçı for CESELSAN Machine's activities.

With vast kind of machines CESELSAN Machine drew the local and foreign visitors' interest on him and his stall was one of the most visited stall in the fair. So CESELSAN Machine represented Turkey the best way and he played an important role in advertisement of Turkish machine sector.

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