Advanced Technology with Proper Operation and Superior quality

Company Vision

Our company follows the last developments in the world with the help of its Research Development Department, presents new products and solutions to the sector by gathering feasibility results with Turkish technology.

Strategy Monitoring

The aroma of the product is preserved by providing homogenous roasting with the lowest energy consumption, so the shelf life is lengthened, a hygienic condition is provided appropriate for world food regulation, loss of working is prevented by fitting the machines each other and we solve the problems of the food sector in detail by manufacturing completely AISI 304 Cr-Ni stainless steel body ovens and equipments.

Advanced Reporting

Our company doesn't only aim to sale and profit. We aim to share your problems and find solutions for you. We will be glad if you consult us about your new investments so we could project your factory building and machine arranging course free of change.

In CESELSAN the machines are manufactured by the mechanical engineers, mechanical drawing construction technicians, electronic engineers, electricians, master instructors and experienced, expert crew of the company. It is strenthening its position in the sector day by day with pre-sale and post-sale services. 

From the beginning CESELSAN Machine, by taking into consideration changeable market and competition situations, takes constant steps about improve his products and technology. In this direction, he increases his engineering power, invests in human resource and constitutes cooperation’s with other companies. After these investments, he obtains capability of projecting and producing his products and he keeps take advantage of widening market opportunities.

CESELSAN’s Research and Development Department’s, who develops world’s standards product and technology, agenda is:

Leading technology

Bringing food sector in new products

Making product updates in the direction of new ideas and consumer’s demands

Appropriate cost and high quality in products


Our Quality Policies

High quality and reliable products and just in time delivery, Increasing of products', workers' and working environments' productivity, Meeting of customers', workers' and societies' needs and expectancies, Reliable and durable products, Low maintenance and repair cost and minimum fuel consumption.

Our Quality Targets:

Institutional and technological changes, Reducing the costs, Making products' reliability continuous, Increasing costumers' pleasure & Developing improvement culture